About Hornnies

Hornnies are a collection of unique pixelated bull designs that come in all shapes and sizes, featuring their own strengths and hand drawn accessories, launching on the CARDANO BLOCKCHAIN.

Our vision is to build a virtual fantasy sports game called the SUPERBULL, in which the user can use their bulls to train and compete in various contests and win prizes.

What are Hornnies?

HORNNIES are a heroic and mythical species of bull that live peacefully, hidden away from all civilization. However, every 3000 years at the beginning of the Taurids Meteor Shower, the collective populace of HORNNIES enter the light to gather and compete in the SUPERBULL.

The first SUPERBULL was said to have taken place many millenia ago as a system to determine the best among all HORNNIES.

Through tournaments of skill, strength and speed, these bullish contenders face off to attain the supreme title of HORNSTAR.Here we are, at the beginning of a new cycle, which of the HORNNIES will you support?

Series 0

2500 Hornnies NFTs Minted

Tier I Pricing

10x200 ADA Airdrops

Crypto Mystery Box Giveaways

Higher Chance of getting a Hornstar

Series 1

2500 Hornnies NFTs Minted

Tier 2 Pricing

5x200 ADA Airdrops

Crypto Mystery Box Giveaways

Series 2

2500 Hornnies NFTs Minted

Tier 3 Pricing

10x100 ADA Airdrops

Series 3

2500 Hornnies NFTs Minted

Tier 4 Pricing

5x100 ADA Airdrops

How and When

On October 2021, we sucessfully kicked off the initial series 0 launch! Series 1 launched in January of 2022, and the subsequent series will likely happen in 2023.

Fair Release

The team will not mint a part of the NFTs for themselves prior to the launch. Any NFT held by the team or the members on the team will be purchased through the same mean as any other community members.


The first ever Hornnies NFT drop of 2500! [SOLD OUT] Thank you to everyone for your support!

Series 0 Drop

Holders from series 0 will be able to test out a proof-of-concept version of the SuperBull by participating in races against other Hornnies at SuperBull.io! The team will continuously roll out updates and new features up until the release of the SuperBull App!

SuperBull Beta1 WebApp Launch

Our second Hornnies drop of 2500! [Date 27th at 2pm EST]

Series 1 Drop

Participants of SuperBull Beta, who meet specific requirements (to be announced on Discord) will be airdropped a commemorative NFT badge!

Beta1 Commemorative Badge Airdrop

The team will begin development of the standalone final SuperBull application.

SuperBull App Development

Our third Hornnies drop of 2500! [Date TBA].

Series 2 Drop

Our final Hornnies drop of 2500! [Date TBA].

Series 3 Drop

Once all 10K Hornnies are released to the wild, the team will introduce the $HORN token to the holders!

In Game Utility Token

Attributes and Rarity

All Hornnies are equipped with hand drawn accessories and are completely unique. Click below to see the full list.

Meet the Team

Three friends got together while procrastinating university to create what we know and love as Hornnies! Today the team has expanded to five!

Pretzel Lover — Obsessed with Pretzels, Eats more vegetables than our Hornnies

Valkyrie Main — Plays too much Apex, Tried to give a Hornnie a jetpack

KDrama Addict — Probably learning korean, Owns an air fryer, Feeds us

Prison Jo — Eats too much Beef, Our Hornnies are in Danger. His Idol is Prison Mike from The Office

Slim Ty — Stays at home way too much. Single-handedly carries UberEats’ monthly revenue.

Why Cardano?

Cardano uses a transaction fee system that covers the processing and long term storage cost of transactions. The Cardano environment is unique in the way it handles fees, as fees do not go directly to the block producer. Instead, they are pooled and then distributed to all pools that created blocks during an epoch. There currently are no fees for the memory cost of tracking the accumulated chain state, in particular UTXO.

When it comes to addressing environmental problems, there are no easy answers. Cardano is a decentralized platform that can replace the inefficiencies of older and legacy systems. With its sustainability credentials, Cardano is seen as part of the solution. With its proof-of-stake protocol, the Cardano blockchain stands as one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains. Cardano’s annual energy consumption are less than 0.01 % compared to Bitcoin.

When will I receive my Artwork?

Right after payment confirmation, our mint process will be executed automatically and the transaction will be submitted to the blockchain.

Why do you reserve NFTs when someone starts a buying process?

This is a mechanism used to prevent multiple people having to battle each other in terms of speed when trying to buy an NFT

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token is a unit of data stored on a digital ledger, called a blockchain, that certifies a digital asset to be unique and therefore not interchangeable.

What is Cardano?

Cardano is a blockchain platform for changemakers, innovators, and visionaries, with the tools and technologies required to create possibility for the many, as well as the few, and bring about positive global change. For more informations please visit www.cardano.org